Development, Development, and Nothing but Development

We establish our presence in the market by defining business objectives that are not only achievable but also motivating enough to start working on their development and realization in the present. We set goals that are not only attainable but also create success for the entire environment and satisfaction for all project participants. This is possible because we operate with a thoughtful approach to make our business productive.

Therefore, we operate under the belief that only development, development, and nothing but development can lead to the expected results. Personal development and improvement to meet every task's requirements, daily development and enhancement of the company, and ultimately the development of the local and regional community where we implement our projects. Always keeping in mind that we haven't achieved our own goals unless we simultaneously achieve the business goals of our clients and business partners.

Based on these beliefs, the Lesnina - Pula project was realized, starting from a detailed analysis of the micro-location, legal land status, to obtaining the necessary permits and approvals in cooperation with local community authorities to have the necessary documentation for the project initiation by the investor. Finally, we presented the land to the investors, and what else could they do but agree, and that's how it all started. In 2018, the most modern Lesnina center in Croatia was opened in our city of Pula, thanks to our efforts, dedication, and preparation. Do you think a project that resulted in 150 new jobs is worth attention and mention?

If you're looking for the best properties for your business, we have a variety of commercial real estate in our portfolio, including tourism, commercial/service, public/social, and industrial purposes. Contact us for a customized offer (we provide commercial real estate based on inquiries).

But to ensure we don't leave anyone out, as of 2021, we also offer residential properties. So, don't wait; achieve a fast and quality sale or purchase of real estate, all under the watchful eye of our legal team to ensure your protection during this important process.
360 Istria is not just another ordinary agency!