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360 ISTRIA is a company specialized in real estate as well as development and implementation of construction projects. The experience gained so far, the base of subcontractors and partners, has enabled us to provide our clients with project management services and real estate business for residential, commercial, commercial or tourist purposes.

The advantages of using 360 Istria's services, apart from experience in real estate business, development and implementation of construction projects, are well-established relations with local community bodies (offices for issuing necessary permits and approvals) participating in the project, which allows proactive response.

That is why we have decided to unite and offer you complete solutions through our services, whether you are an investor, buying, selling or building your home or selling an existing one in order to build a new one, which we will tailor to your wishes. In all phases of business, we take care of you from a legal point of view, offering legal support and advice through our partners so that all business processes take place in the greatest security.