Market research, data and prices

It is crucial to make a proper analysis of the real estate market from price analysis to demographic data and cultural trends so that your property is positioned in the market according to the real needs of future buyers and in a specific micro location that enhances and accelerates sales. Throughout the entire Investment process, we follow you with reports and further analyzes so that everything goes under strict supervision for the most efficient implementation of the project.

Project branding

We want you as investors to save money and time because you no longer have to use the services of other companies or agencies to create a marketing program or branding your project. Working with architects, designers and planners, we help create the identity-brand of the project as well as sales elements that then appear in marketing strategies for more efficient sales. It is important to bring the right strategy for each project and set a unique positioning in the market to create the attractiveness of the project and ultimately the sale itself.

3D Visualization

We will place 3D renders for your projects through our optimized real estate platform and through advertising platforms and media, all in order to increase the value of the project.

"Our goal is to brand your project, place it on the market and sell it exceeding expectations"

Architectural photography

When we want to highlight exactly what the new project offers, then we use the best photographers to tell the real story through photography and stimulate emotions in customers by showing the benefits for them and their families that the new project offers.

Video Production

Personalized website

If you choose a complete package of services with a sales marketing plan, you also get a personalized web platform for selling your project. After branding and collected advertising materials, the platform is being built and sold, where customers can see the exact details of the future project with quality photos, floor plans, images, 3D visualizations and descriptions of installed materials and equipment and focus only on that property all the details and such quality that reduces the possibility of sale but also the value and all because of poor presentation.

Placing the project on the market

After the completion of the project branding and the preparation of all advertising materials, the placement and positioning of the project on the market begins. Every real estate or project with an adequately determined price goes to the market to find its new buyer, which is actually our task. We apply an adequate presentation and deliver your projects to customers around the world.

From offer to sale

We will cooperate in all segments and work together to do quality work so that all participants in the process are satisfied. We will also cooperate with your legal system in order to simplify sales contracts and the process of preparing documentation for the easiest possible sale or stress-free sales. We coordinate and connect all elements of the project so that the implementation process always goes the planned way.